Key Stage 1 Playgrounds in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

Key Stage 1 Playgrounds in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

Expert installers of playground paint and markings for Key Stage 1 activities and educational games in primary school recreational areas in many sizes and designs.

KS1 Thermoplastic Markings in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

KS1 Thermoplastic Markings in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

The range of thermoplastic markings and coloured paint that we have available can be installed to provide kids with a fun outdoor play space.

Thermoplastic Floor Markings in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

Thermoplastic Floor Markings in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

We can install thermoplastic floor markings at your school, nursery of community park in a range of colours and designs.

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Key Stage 1 Playground Markings in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

We are specialists in the installation of Key Stage 1, early years playground designs in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail PH36 4 for various primary school facilities.

These can be applied using coloured anti-slip paint as well as thermoplastic playground markings to create a fun outdoor activity space.

Our team has worked with many primary schools to create bespoke play areas which allow kids to develop many skills through active learning and emotional development.


If you would like to find out more information regarding KS1 playground designs and having thermoplastic markings installed, speak to us today.

Our experts are happy to give you all the information and details required to give you exactly what you are looking for in an exciting play area!

What are KS1 School Play Markings?

Key Stage 1 primary school play markings are specially created to complement and encourage children under the KS1 work program so that kids can learn important skills through playing outdoors and also engage in fun playground games.

These also help to keep the pupils active, making it easier for them to retain the information they have learned in the classroom.

If you are interested in having any of these school play area designs installed for your school please complete the enquiry form on this page.

We will provide an extensive range of products and services relating to diverse recreational surface markings for Key Stage 1 children.

To make absolutely sure the pupils are having a good time we offer many bespoke primary school markings which are not only educational and contribute to emotional development but also exciting for the kids providing school playground games.

The different styles of thermoplastic playground markings we implement range from traditional games, math grids, sports line markings, and interactive characters in several colours and dimensions for outdoor play areas and school playground games. 

Types of Playground Markings for Key Stage 1

Key Stage 1 thermoplastic line markings are a great way to create an engaging and interactive play space for young children within primary schools.

Playground markings can help develop a range of skills, including balance, coordination, and teamwork.

There are several types of Key Stage 1 playground markings that schools and nurseries can choose from.

Traditional Games Markings

Traditional games markings are a popular choice for primary school Key Stage 1 playgrounds.

These markings include classic games, such as:

  • Hopscotch
  • Snakes and ladders
  • Noughts and crosses

They are a great way to encourage children to play together and develop their social skills and problem-solving abilities.

Sports Markings

Sports markings are another popular choice for Key Stage 1 playgrounds. These markings include:

They can help children develop their physical skills, including hand-eye coordination and balance.

They also encourage children to work together as a team and promote healthy competition.

Alphabet and Number Markings

Alphabet and number markings are a great way to help children learn while they play in their new exciting play area.

These markings include:

  • Hopscotch-style number lines
  • Alphabet snakes, ladders
  • Letter-recognition games

They can help children develop their early years literacy and numeracy skills in a fun and engaging way.

Roadway Markings

Roadway markings are designed to create a mini-road system on the playground. These markings include:

  • Zebra crossings
  • Traffic lights
  • Roundabouts

They help children role-play and learn about road safety and can also improve their coordination and balance as they navigate the mini-road system.

Fitness Trails

Fitness trails are a series of markings and obstacles designed to promote exercise and fitness.

These markings include stepping stones, balance beams, and crawling tunnels.

They help children develop their gross motor skills and encourage physical exercise.

In conclusion, Key Stage 1 playground markings can help create an engaging and interactive play space for young children in primary schools.

There are several types of markings to choose from, including traditional games, sports, alphabet and number games, roadway markings, and fitness trails.

These markings can help children develop a range of early years skills, from social skills, emotional development, and teamwork to literacy and numeracy skills and fitness.

If you're interested in getting playground markings installed, contact our thermoplastic playground marking experts today!


Costs of Key Stage 1 Playground Markings

The average cost of KS1 playground markings is between £750 - £3,500.

However, the costs of Key Stage 1 playground markings can vary depending on a number of factors, including the size of the playground, the complexity of the designs, and the materials used.

The most basic designs, such as hopscotch, number grids, and basic shapes, are relatively simple and cost-effective to install.

More complex designs, such as mazes, games, and puzzles, require more detailed planning and installation.

In addition to the cost of the markings themselves, there may be additional costs associated with the installation process.

For example, if the playground needs to be resurfaced before the markings can be installed, this will add to the overall cost.

Similarly, if the installation requires special equipment or a large team of workers, this will also increase the cost.


Despite the initial costs, many schools and nurseries see Key Stage 1 Playground Markings as a worthwhile investment.

Not only do these markings provide an engaging and educational space for young children, but they can also help to promote exercise, improve cognitive development, and emotional development, and enhance social interaction.

Benefits of Key Stage 1 Playground Markings

Key Stage 1 Playground Markings offer numerous benefits to young children during their early years of learning and development.

Thermoplastic playground markings are colourful designs that are painted on playgrounds to create a more fun, engaging, and exciting learning environment for children to play and learn in.

Below are some of the key benefits of Key Stage 1 playground markings.

Encourages Physical Activity

Thermoplastic playground markings encourage children to engage in physical activities such as running, jumping, and hopping.

This helps to promote healthy lifestyles and active play, which is crucial for children’s physical development.

With bright and colourful playground markings, children are more likely to enjoy being active, which can help to combat childhood obesity.

Develops Coordination and Balance

KS1 playground markings help to develop children’s coordination and balance.

Activities such as hopscotch, skipping, and balancing on a tightrope encourage children to develop their balance and motor skills.

This, in turn, can help children to become more confident and independent.

Stimulates the Imagination

Playground markings provide a canvas for children’s imaginations to run wild.

They can be used to create imaginary worlds, and sports fields, and even teach children about road safety with a mini-road system.

Children can use these thermoplastic playground markings to role-play their own games, which can help to develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Enhances Social Skills

Playground markings also help to promote social interactions among children.

Games such as tag, football, and hopscotch are designed to be played with others, which encourages children to work together and develop their social skills.

With school playground markings, children are given the opportunity to make friends, build relationships, and learn important social skills such as cooperation and communication.

Improves Learning and Education

Key Stage 1 playground markings can be used to enhance children’s learning and education.

Educational markings can be used to teach children about numbers, letters, shapes, and even geography.

Thermoplastic playground markings can also be used to help children develop their language and communication skills by playing word games and other educational activities.


In conclusion, Key Stage 1 Playground Markings offer numerous benefits to young key stage 1 children.

They help to promote physical activity, develop coordination and balance, stimulate the imagination, enhance social skills, and improve learning and education.

With the right school playground markings, children can learn, play and grow in a safe and exciting learning environment.

Thermoplastic Floor Markings

We offer a wide range of colourful shapes and line markings which are perfect for KS1 playground designs at your nearby primary school.

This surface playground marking is made from a material called thermoplastic; they're installed in an asphalt playground by means of heating the thermoplastics and sticking them to the tarmac playground surface.

You can choose from an array of unique colour choices, designs, and specifications for the thermoplastic markings.

If necessary, we are able to paint the macadam area just before we lay out the heat applied thermoplastic playground markings, which helps to make the surrounding areas seem brand new, mainly because it will be significantly brighter.

If you have a specific budget in mind we can work with these to ensure the overall costs are affordable for your primary school.

Educational Play Areas in Acharacle/Ath-Tharracail

Recreational surface marking application is very popular in primary schools, daycare centers, and leisure areas all over the United Kingdom for key stage 1 children.

Informative designs may incorporate snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids, and number games.

There are many benefits, this is because they have got numbers on and so the children will likely be learning in the exercise, and social interaction is also encouraged between the pupils.

These sorts of recreational thermoplastics can help bring local people together with each other and also motivate children to generally be significantly more engaged and enjoy themselves by learning.

The graphics which are one offer are made in order to match National Curriculum KS1 instructions and activities.

Using this method, your school’s inspection report and scores could very well be increased because of the possibilities for kids to learn skills better.

Key Stage 1 Playground Installers Near Me

Thermoplastic playground markings are resilient and sturdy; they are applied speedily without the need of making a massive amount of disturbance for the school.

Our own installers can complete servicing and routine maintenance simply and efficiently for current designs.

We could additionally get rid of old graphics, if they have become faded, and substitute them with a completely new installation.

Alternatively, we will additionally improve old designs by reapplying the thermoplastics, boosting the appearance of the recreational surface.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can you Go Over the Existing Playground Markings?

It is possible to go over existing playground markings with new markings. However, there are several factors to consider before doing so.

First, the condition of the existing thermoplastic markings should be assessed. If the old markings are faded, cracked, or peeling, it may be necessary to remove them before applying new markings.

Second, the type of playground paint used for the old markings should be taken into consideration.
If the old markings were painted with oil-based paint, it may be necessary to use a primer before applying new markings. If the old markings were painted with water-based paint, it may be possible to apply new markings directly over them.

Finally, the design of the new markings should be planned carefully to avoid confusion or overlap with the old markings.
It is important to ensure that the new markings are placed in a safe and logical manner, taking into account any changes in the playground equipment or layout.

In summary, it is possible to go over existing playground markings with new markings, but it is important to assess the condition of the old markings, choose the appropriate type of paint, and plan the new markings carefully to ensure a safe and effective result.

Do Playground Markings Get Slippery?

Playground markings can become slippery under certain circumstances.
If the markings are painted on a surface that is wet or damp, such as after rain or during a water play activity, the playground surface can become slick and slippery.
Additionally, if the markings are painted on a surface that is inherently slippery, such as polished concrete or tile, then the markings themselves may also become slippery.
Thermoplastic playground markings have anti-slip qualities, which makes them ideal for outdoor play areas.

Regular maintenance is also important in preventing slipperiness.
Any standing water or debris should be promptly removed from the surface, and the playground surface should be cleaned regularly to remove any buildup of dirt or algae that can make it slippery.
With proper care and attention, thermoplastic playground markings can be both fun and safe for children to play on.

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