Nursery Playground Painting

Nursery Playground Painting

Our team can apply coloured paint and markings to nursery playgrounds in a choice of shapes and bright colours which are fun for the children.

EYFS Play Area Designs

EYFS Play Area Designs

For young children, it's important to have a vibrant play space where they can enjoy a range of activities and games in an outdoor environment.

Nursery Thermoplastic Marking

Nursery Thermoplastic Marking

We have a selection of coloured thermoplastic markings which can be applied on top of the paint coating to create many different games and activities for the kids.

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Nursery Playground Painting

We provide a range of services with regards to nursery playground painting and there are plenty of options to choose from. Nurseries often choose to have tarmac play areas painted in order to give the surface a more vibrant and exciting appearance. We are also able to add thermoplastic graphics to the flooring, and these come in different shapes to be used for a selection of games.

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Please use the contact form on this page if you would like to discuss the costs of our nursery playground painting services. We'll be able to come up with a design which suits your budget and provides you with the perfect outdoor games area.

What are Early Years Play Areas?

Early years nursery play areas are designed to meet the requirements needed for education and physical activity purposes. There are many designs and colour options available, it just depends on what your facility is wanting to have.

We offer a variety of products and services in relation to diverse recreational surface designs for nurseries. In order to make absolutely sure the children are having fun we supply an assortment of playground designs which are not just informative but also fun for the kids. The different styles of markings we implement normally include classic games, math grids, sporting activity lines and interactive figures in a variety of colours and measurements. To find out more about the traditional markings we install, please visit this page As nursery age, children are usually just learning basic skills, so we will install game markings which are best suited to their abilities.

If you have any specific designs in mind we can create a bespoke specification for your EYFS playground painting to ensure you get exactly what you want. The coloured paint we use has anti slip qualities so it's perfect for preventing kids from slipping over, even during wet conditions. The playground marking specialists can also improve established designs which have faded and become worn out with time; enhancing the facility visually for you and the users. 

Thermoplastic Nursery Markings Near Me

The graphics we install along with the EYFS playground painting are made from plastic shapes which will be installed on the required area and heated until eventually they melt and adhere to the tarmac flooring. For more information on EYFS markings please click here You can pick from numerous different colourings, styles and specifications for the markings. We will apply paint to the tarmacadam surfacing before applying the recreational surface designs when necessary, this makes it look like a completely new surface because it shall be considerably brighter and will also help the graphics stand out.

EYFS Playground Paint

Lots of schools, nurseries and recreational areas near me have play area designs applied around the tarmacadam surface. Instructional patterns may consist of snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number tracks; this is because they have got numbers on so the nearby children should be learning through the game. For more details on number games please have a look at this These sorts of playground patterns might help join local people closest to you really encourage children in becoming a lot more active and have fun through learning new skills. Our specialists can also use the pupils' national study curriculum to make the markings. This can help to boost the inspection report and grades of your nursery, because these style of designs can give opportunities for kids to learn far better whilst in the surrounding areas. 


The use of plastic play surface designs is simple and the finished results should be long lasting and durable during intense use by children each day. Our specialists can complete improvements and maintenance simply and efficiently for existing designs. If you've got older and faded play ground markings, we are able to upgrade these with an all new vibrantly colorful thermoplastic play surface design. If you don’t want the existing graphics to get replaced, we provide a reapplication process that can boost your current graphics and strengthen the look of your school's play area.

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