Playground Paint Removal

Playground Paint Removal

We can carry out playground paint removal across the UK to improve existing areas and get rid of old, worn out paint.

Removing Play Surface Paint

Removing Play Surface Paint

Our specialists are able to remove play surface paint at schools and nurseries if they have become worn out over time.

Removal of Play Area Paint

Removal of Play Area Paint

If you want to transform your existing are and it requires a plain background, we can carry out removal of play area surface paint across the UK.

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Playground Paint Removal

After a period of time playground paint can become worn out; this is why a lot of schools and nurseries playground paint removal our removal specialists are able to remove paint along with any markings on the surface to leave you with a clean surface where new paint and markings can be applied.

We use an ultra high pressure wash during the playground paint removal process as it is a more eco-friendly way.

When removing paint we can use water to ensure no damage is caused to the surface. We may also use sand jetting; this uses an abrasive gritty solution to remove the graphics. We can install new markings and repaint the surface afterwards if necessary. 


A number of people who want the removal of playground markings my decide to simply carry out painting over the graphics with anti slip paint.

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If you would like us to carry out painting over existing markings or you would like us get rid of colour, please fill in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with an indication on costs and details on the painting removal process.

How to Remove Playground Paint?

If you would like to find out how to remove playground paint, please follow the steps below:

  1. Find a professional company who will not break up the floor when removing the graphics
  2. A high pressured jet wash is angled at the surfacing
  3. Sand jetting is another option - this uses grit for getting rid your designs
  4. The flooring will be finished and new designs can be applied

Removing Play Area Paint Near Me

We will make sure that we don't damage the existing surfacing when removing play area paint.

If you want brand new markings and paints installed after we have removed the colouring from the painted surface, we can produce high quality designs to suit your needs.

After painting the surfacing we are able to install thermoplastic line-markings which can be heat applied onto the surface.

We alter our designs for different purposes, so please do not hesitate to contact us if there is a certain design you want painted onto your existing surface. 

As well as play area paint removal and creating new designs, we also repaint over existing painted surfaces which have become faded and worn out over time. This is a more cost effective option than playground paint removal then applying new paint.

Our local painting removal specialists closest to you can remove any type of playground paints and marking designs no matter how big the area is. We will find the best method for removing paints and carry out the process quickly and effectively. 

Removing Thermoplastic Markings

We've got a variety of experience in playground markings that enables us to offer a variety of nearby expert services which can meet the client’s requirements.

Our professional installers can apply a variety of unique patterns and coloured markings that youngsters can have fun with and use to learn useful abilities.

We provide a variety of recreational surface designs to accommodate children of every age, these can include things like cartoon designs, classic designs as well as competitive sports lines.

For more details on our primary school markings click here

When applying sports activities lines the individual can select from soccer, netball, basketball, tennis or all purpose lines, ensuring the children love playing.

These types of activity designs enable primary schools to make use of an all weather surfacing, so this means the flooring can even be used in PE classes.

Our playground surfacing professionals can additionally improve pre-existing designs that have faded and become worn over time; enhancing the surrounding area aesthetically for you and the users.

Specialist Playground Refurbishment

The play surface markings made from a type of plastic; they're installed to a asphalt area through applying heat to the markings and melting them on top of the tarmac.

The markings are available in a range of diverse colourings, shapes and requirements that can match exactly what the customer requires.

The workers can put on a colour coating on the whole tarmac area ahead of putting down the chosen graphics, this will likely boost the overall look and characteristics of the play area.

Many primary schools, day care centres and recreational areas within the UK currently have play area markings installed around the tarmac surfacing.

Educative patterns tend to be an option, as an example we're able to install snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number tracks; these encourage the kids to learn through getting involved in active play.

For more details on number tracks, please have a look at this page

Most of these play area designs can really help bring local people together with each other and also encourage kids to generally be far more engaged and enjoy themselves through learning new skills.

Our professionals are also able to work with the pupils' national educational curriculum to make the graphics.

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Thermoplastic graphics are long-lasting and durable; they will also be installed fairly quickly while not making a massive amount of interference to the nursery.

Any graphics presently on the flooring may be restored or cleaned by our own skilled staff to ensure they are in top condition.

We also get rid of old graphics, if they have become exhausted, and upgrade all of them with an entirely different design. Removing thermoplastic markings is simple to do by our team, as we are specialists in the industry.

In case you do not want the existing pattern to get replaced, we provide a relining solution which can improve your old design and enhance the aesthetics of the play area.

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