Outdoor Playground Painting

Outdoor Playground Painting

Our team can offer colourful painting for outdoor play areas to add a vibrant design as well as durable anti slip qualities, this is perfect for schools, nurseries and public playgrounds.

External Play Area Paint

External Play Area Paint

This high durability paint can be applied to the whole area, or just to specific sections to be used with different games and activities throughout the school day.

Playground Marking Outdoors

Playground Marking Outdoors

We can carry out playground marking outdoors to improve your existing area and create a fun place for kids to play.

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Outdoor Playground Painting

For many facilities, outdoor playground painting can be done to brighten up the surface and add colourful graphics. We offer these services for primary schools, kindergartens and public play areas in order to ensure children can enjoy playing outside as much as possible.

The paint is typically applied in a bright colour to transform a dull tarmac area, and thermoplastic markings will often be added on top for different activities.


Costs can vary for these paint applications, so please contact us through the form on this page to speak with an expert. We'll provide you with some detailed product information along with a quote for the work that you need us to carry out. Don't hesitate to get in touch today, and let us know if you have any questions about designs or specifications.

Schools Outdoor Surface Paint

Our company's industry experts can offer an array of different services which the client can consider, due to our experience with play surface markings. Our company's industry experts guarantee that the play area graphics are entertaining and beneficial for the children so that a variety of diverse games can be enjoyed, stopping the youngsters from getting bored. The various designs we implement can incorporate time-honored activities, mathematics grids, sports line markings and cartoon characters in various colour choices and shapes. For more details about play area markings click here https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/flooring/play-area/ When we are applying sport lines the individual can select from soccer, tennis, basketball, netball or multi activity lines, making sure that the kids love playing.

These types of games markings let local schools closest to you and your surrounding area to make use of all weather surfacing, meaning the flooring could be used for physical education lessons. Paying outside and being active is great for children's health and development. This is why we offer a number of sports designs as well as educational games and other activities. Our play ground markings professionals can also improve existing graphics that have dwindled and become worn out over time; enhancing the surface visually for you and the kids.

Colourful Games Markings Near Me

The thermoplastic markings are installed by applying heat to the graphics with a burner. By heating up the plastic shapes, it caused them to melt and stick down to the tarmac flooring. All of the markings are supplied in a range of distinct colours, shapes and features which will match what the customer wants. The contractors can apply outdoor playground painting on the entire tarmac area ahead of putting down the chosen graphics, this should enhance the overall appearance and quality of a play surface.

Our high durability paint is also designed to add slip resistance to the flooring, making it safer even during wet weather. This means the children can continue to enjoy outdoor games and activities during play times or PE lessons. You could decide to have a simple black paint coating applied to a whole area, or add different coloured sections to mark out specific parts of the outdoor playground.

Applying Outdoor Paint Coatings Near Me

Playground markings application is extremely prominent in nearby educational organisations, playgroups and parks. Academic designs are usually an option, for instance we will apply snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number games; these should encourage the children learn skills while engaging in energetic play. We also have outdoor wall panel graphics with various games for kids to enjoy. For more info on these outdoor wall graphics click here https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/graphics/wall/ Acquiring these kinds of enjoyable recreational surface designs can give kids the chance to be much more energetic and enjoy taking part in informative activities.

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We are also able to put in graphics that will be strongly related the pupils' countrywide work curriculum. This can help to improve the primary school's inspection record and scores, since these kind of markings can offer chances for kids to learn skills far better. Let us know if you would like to find out more information today and to speak to our professionals. Just fill out the contact form provided and we will get back to you shortly. 

Durable Playground Designs

The use of thermoplastic playground graphics is fast and the end product will be long-lasting and durable during significant use by children on a daily basis. Current markings can also be restored and cleaned quickly and easily by the installers. We're able to additionally do away with out of date designs, in case they have got exhausted, and replace them with a completely unique design. You might just like to upgrade the appearance of your existing markings, we will do a relining process to give the playground a brand new quality. Once the playground painting is complete, the final result will be long lasting and resistant to weathering from everyday use.

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