Play Area Painting Specialists in Ab Lench

Play Area Painting Specialists in Ab Lench

High durability paint can be used to cover a whole play area, or just to mark out certain spaces, we will create a design which perfectly suits what you need.

Recreational Surface Paint in Ab Lench

Recreational Surface Paint in Ab Lench

These paint coatings are perfect for marking out activity lines for different games which the children can play to develop their skills and enjoy having fun with friends.

Colourful Activity Markings in Ab Lench

Colourful Activity Markings in Ab Lench

Brightly coloured play areas are great for encouraging children to be active and take part in educational games, our paint and markings can be used to create lots of designs.

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Play Area Painting Specialists in Ab Lench

We offer a range of services as play area painting specialists in Ab Lench WR11 4 and our team have worked on numerous projects.

The products we provide are high durability paints which are typically applied to tarmac playground surfaces in order to improve the appearance.

A selection of colours is available, along with plain black if you would prefer a simple finish to make the tarmac look more seamless.

This playground paint is also great for adding slip resistance to an outdoor play space, therefore it prevents the floor from becoming slippery in wet conditions.

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Prices will vary for playground paint applications, but we would be happy to discuss an enquiy with you and offer an affordable quote.

Simple get in contact with us via the short form on this page, and let us know what you are looking to have done. We'll get back to you as quickly as we can with some more information on the products and costs.

Types of Play Area Paint

Types of play area paint include:

  • Thermoplastic Playground Markings: Highly durable, slip-resistant, and come in various colours and designs. Ideal for educational games, sports courts, and playground graphics.
  • MMA (Methyl Methacrylate): A fast-drying, highly durable paint, often used for road markings and suitable for high-traffic play areas.
  • Acrylic Anti Slip Paint: Water-based, easy to apply, and come in vibrant colours. Good for both indoor and outdoor play areas, though less durable than MMA or thermoplastic.
  • Polyurethane Paints: Very durable and resistant to wear and weather, suitable for outdoor sports courts and kids play areas.

How much does Play Area Painting Cost?

The average cost of painting a play area is £1,500 - £5,000.

However, the cost of play area painting varies widely based on several factors:

  • Size of Area: Larger areas require more playground paint and labour, increasing costs.
  • Type of Paint: Thermoplastic playground markings, MMA, and other coloured flooring paints can be more expensive than standard paints.
  • Complexity of Design: Intricate or custom designs require more time and skill, leading to higher costs.
  • Surface Preparation: Preparing the playground surface for painting can involve additional costs, especially if repairs are needed.
  • Location: Costs can vary depending on geographical location and accessibility.
  • Labour Costs: Skilled labour for intricate designs or special paint applications can add to the expense.

Benefits of Play Area Painting

Painting a play area offers several benefits:

  • Safety: Bright, contrasting colours can delineate safe areas and boundaries, reducing the risk of accidents.
  • Learning and Development: Educational designs like alphabets, numbers, or maps encourage learning through play.
  • Creativity Stimulation: Vibrant, imaginative designs can inspire children's creativity and imaginative play.
  • Physical Activity: Markings for sports courts or playground games encourage physical exercise and healthy play.
  • Accessibility: Inclusive designs can cater to children with different abilities, promoting inclusivity.
  • Aesthetics: Well-painted play areas are visually appealing, enhancing the playground environment for children and the community.
  • Maintenance: Durable playground paints and coatings can protect surfaces, reducing maintenance costs and extending the area's lifespan.

Painted Play Area Designs Near Me

Our school playground painting company has a variety of experience with playground painting and markings, permitting us to offer many products and services which can meet the customer's criteria.

We have completed many projects as playground paint specialists for local schools, nurseries and local communities closest to you.

Our industry experts ensure that the creative playground markings are enjoyable and beneficial for the children so that a number of diverse games can be enjoyed, stopping the children from becoming bored.

The client can choose from a variety of kinds of playground graphics, suiting different ages and including animals, typical playground games and sports.

Thermoplastic Play Area Graphics Near Me

The recreational surface graphics in Ab Lench WR11 4 are made from a variety of plastic which is known as thermoplastic.

They are installed to a tarmacadam playground through heating the graphics and melting them on top of the flooring.

All the thermoplastic markings can be found in a selection of diverse colours, designs and specifications which will suit what the customer requires.

If necessary, we will paint the tarmacadam surfacing before our installers lay out the play-area graphics, which helps to make the surfacing seem completely new, mainly because it should be a lot brighter.

Several primary schools, day care centres and leisure areas have got play area markings applied to the macadam flooring.

Educational Floor Painting in Ab Lench

Educational designs may comprise of snakes and ladders, hopscotch grids and number squares; the reason being they have got numbers on so the youngsters will be learning through the activity.

We apply these with a painted colour background, or simply by putting the lines and numbers straight onto the tarmac.

The community could be brought together by these kinds of playground designs, while at the same time inviting youngsters in becoming a lot more active.

The patterns that are one off are designed to fit countrywide curriculum instructions and activities.

Through this approach, the primary school's inspection record and scores could be enhanced because the potential for children to learn skills better.


Very little interference of the flooring is caused by the installation of thermoplastic markings, as they will be installed swiftly and are also strong and reliable.

Our playground paint specialists can complete servicing and maintenance simply and efficiently for old designs.

In addition, we're able to offer removing of older markings which have become faded due to age and these may be resinstalled with a different design.

If you would just like to improve the quality of current graphics, we could carry out a relining method to give the playground surface a fresh quality.

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Our team would be happy to discuss the costs of painting and install playground markings for your tarmac playground. We are play area painting specialists in Ab Lench WR11 4 so we offer a range of diverse services.

Just contact us by filling in the quick form, and we'll come back to you as soon as we can to talk through the prices and various designs.

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