Daily Mile Playground Painting

Daily Mile Playground Painting

Our installers are able to create bespoke painted playground tracks to be used with the popular Daily Mile activity along with other games in schools.

School Walking Tracks

School Walking Tracks

A specially designated walking or running track can be applied onto your existing tarmac play area using coloured paint and thermoplastic markings in a design of your choice.

Outdoor Fitness Trails

Outdoor Fitness Trails

Walking a mile each day has many health benefits for children, and this is why these fitness trails are becoming more popular for school playgrounds.

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Daily Mile Playground Painting

We offer Daily Mile playground painting for schools who are starting to get involved in this new initiative.

It is becoming popular for primary school's to encourage children to take part in a 1 mile walk or run at school each day.

Our team can mark out a colourful daily mile track playground markings around your existing playground which is designated for this activity but can also be used for other games.

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What is the Daily Mile?

The Daily Mile is an activity to get pupils, teachers and parents involved in an activity during the day.

The purpose of it is to improve individuals fitness by walking or running a mile a day around the surrounding areas of the school.

The daily mile track is installed via thermoplastic markings onto a school playground. 

School Walking Tracks Near Me

When doing the daily mile, students are encouraged to spend a specific time once a day doing one mile of physical exercise.

The pupils can decide to walk, run or jog the mile around a selected outdoor area at the primary school.

The scheme is designed to improve fitness and health for young people and aims to help tackle childhood obesity through physical activity around the daily mile circuit. 

For more information on primary school playground markings have a look at this page https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/customer/primary-school/ You can choose from a range of colours and designs including a full colour coating across the whole surface, or a simple set of walking track lines.

It’s necessary to make certain that kids have a chance to take part in regular exercise as a method of decreasing weight problems.

This activity is much more than simply physical exercise and isn't a sport or an aspect of PE courses. It's developed to improve the children's psychological wellbeing, including fitness and happiness.

The whole strategy of walking a mile in distance everyday is free and is simple to put into practice.

Along with pupils completing one mile each day, parents and teachers could also get involved by running, walking and jogging.

Daily Miles can be accomplished at every age level and irrespective of individual situation.

Play Area Marking Specialists Near Me

Our nearby experts can supply a variety of distinct services which the customer can select from, because of our experience of playground markings.

The Daily Mile playground painting is becoming more popular due to schools wanting to get their pupils more healthy and active.

To make certain the kids are having a good time our company offers a number of playground graphics which are not just useful but fun for the children.

Our local company offers a selection of play area markings to suit children of any age, these might incorporate cartoon graphics, classic designs and even sports linings.

Common designs which are installed for sports activities can include things like soccer, netball, tennis or basketball and all of those may be used for several alternative activities as well.

This can help primary schools get the most from all purpose surfacing and enables them to begin using these areas during sports lessons.

The playground graphics and playground painting specialists can also improve current markings which have faded and got worn out over time; boosting the surface visually for you and the users. 

Thermoplastic Daily Mile Lining

As well as painting the whole surface in a coloured coating, we will also supply plastic graphics to mark out the different activities.

The colourful markings are made from a variety of thermoplastic; they may be applied to a tarmacadam surface through applying heat to the markings and sticking them onto the flooring.

You can select from a variety of unique colourings, patterns and requirements for your graphics.

If required, we could colour the tarmac surfacing just before we put down the play surface graphics, which helps to make the surfacing appear brand new, because it will be significantly brighter.

It's quite common for educational organisations and play groups to have thermoplastic play ground graphics installed through the United Kingdom.

Informative patterns with playground painting are an option, for instance we might install snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number tracks; these should encourage the children learn skills whilst getting involved in energetic play.

For more information on traditional graphisc please visit this page https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/graphics/traditional/ The community could very well be strengthened with these sorts of playground markings, while additionally helping kids to be a lot more engaged.

Our specialists could also use the children’s nationwide learning programme to come up with the patterns.

Very little disturbance to the surface is caused by installing plastic graphic designs, as they can be installed speedily and tend to be resilient and reliable.

Any kind of markings currently one the playground are often repaired or cleaned by our specialist team to ensure that they're looking great.

In addition, we can offer elimination of old designs that have got exhausted as a result of time and these are often upgraded with a fresh design.

However we could also upgrade current designs by reapplying the graphics, enhancing the look of your recreational surface.

Improved Health Benefits

Primary schools who've been participating have noticed significantly better physical fitness levels as well as an improvement in kids' concentration every day.

For this reason as the Daily Mile participants have got higher levels of concentration; it will also help with learning and giving pupils good chances to achieve in everyday life.

The possibility is offered for everyone to take part whether you're a nursery, primary school or preschool.


Because of the concept being so simple and easy, it's a popular topic with numerous primary schools.

Running the distance can take less than fifteen minutes, therefore it is not really a time consuming activity.

Doing activities in an outdoor space creates excellent health improvements for youngsters.

our playground painting specialists can also install sports markings to improve health benefits.

For more details on sports markings like netball please click here https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/sport/netball/ Your school won’t need to spend extra money on any kind of special products to get involved as it's simply walking or running round a big open area.

There is no need for the children to believe they are limited because every person who does the daily mile will be encouraged to do well.

Other Designs We Offer

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There's no competitiveness or assessment associated with doing the daily mile.

It is physical exercise intended to boost cognitive skills and psychological health.

Through inspiring the youngsters to become physically fit, it will bring about much better overall health benefits.

School kids are also much more likely to concentrate in lessons after doing a short amount of exercise.

The Daily Mile gives students and teachers a relaxed atmosphere in which they may be active and have time outside.

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