Primary School Playground Painting in Arthursdale

Primary School Playground Painting in Arthursdale

Our team are able to carry out primary school playground painting in order to create colourful outdoor surfaces for kids to play on and enjoy.

Durable Play Area Paint in Arthursdale

Durable Play Area Paint in Arthursdale

We use a specialist type of paint for play area surfaces to ensure that the coating is durable and long lasting even with children playing on it every day.

School Learning Areas in Arthursdale

School Learning Areas in Arthursdale

It is great for schools to have well-designed outdoor spaces where children can play lots of games and learn while being active and enjoying the fresh air.

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Primary School Playground Painting in Arthursdale

One of the services that we provide is primary school playground painting in Arthursdale LS15 4 and this is available in many designs.

Outdoor play areas often have colourful paint coatings applied to add anti slip qualities as well as being used for different activities.

Thermoplastic playground markings in Arthursdale can be added to mark out a range of shapes, lines, letters and numbers and these are perfect for educational games.


If you are looking to have specialist playground painting completed at your primary school, don't hesitate to contact our dedicated design team today.

Just fill in the quick form on this page and we'll get back to you with more info on the costs of our high quality thermoplastic playground marking products and painting services.

Types of Primary School Playground Painting

Primary school playground paintings often include these types:

  • Educational Markings: Alphabets, numbers, world maps, and clocks, enabling learning through play.
  • Traditional Games: Hopscotch, foursquare, and mazes, promoting physical activity and coordination.
  • Creative Markings: Murals and thematic drawings, fostering creativity and artistic expression.
  • Nature and Space Themes: Plants, animals, solar system, encouraging exploration of the natural world and beyond.
  • Interactive Paths: Fitness trails, footprints, handprints, and sensory paths, aiding in motor skills development.
  • Sports Markings: Football pitches, running tracks, enhancing sportsmanship and teamwork skills.
  • Safety and Rules Signage: Zebra crossings, stop signs, instilling awareness of safety norms and regulations.

As well a being able to offer a variety of thermoplastic playground markings, we can also paint the playground surface.

We are the UK's leading experts of playground design and our team will be happy to help discuss your project.

How much does it Cost to Paint a Primary School Playground?

The average cost of painting a primary school playground is £1,500 - £5,000.

The cost of painting a primary school playground can vary widely based on several factors:

  • Size of Playground: Larger areas require more paint and labour, increasing costs.
  • Type of Paint: Durable, non-toxic outdoor paint, which is typically more expensive, is necessary for longevity and safety.
  • Complexity of Design: Simple markings cost less than intricate, detailed designs.
  • Condition of Surface: Preparing a damaged or uneven playground surface can add to the cost.
  • Location: Prices can vary by region due to differences in labour and material costs.
  • Labour: Professional services may charge per hour or per project.

For a precise quote, get in touch with our school playground painting experts and they will be able to provide you with a quotation for your playground project.

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Benefits of Painting a Primary School Playground

Painting a primary school playground offers several benefits:

  • Stimulates Creativity and Imagination: Vibrant colours and imaginative designs can spark children's creativity, encouraging imaginative play.
  • Educational Opportunities: Painted games, numbers, letters, and maps can be educational, aiding in learning outside the classroom.
  • Safety and Guidance: Bright, clear thermoplastic playground markings can outline play areas, promoting safety and guiding activities.
  • Enhances Aesthetics: A vibrant playground is visually appealing, creating a welcoming and enjoyable environment.
  • Encourages Physical Activity: Engaging designs can motivate children to be more active, supporting physical health.
  • Social Interaction: Interactive games and spaces can foster teamwork and social skills.
  • Inclusivity: Designs considering various abilities can create an inclusive space for all children.

Overall, a well-designed, painted playground enriches the school environment, positively impacting children's development and well-being.


Durable Play Area Paint

The type of paint we use for primary school playground painting in Arthursdale LS15 4 is designed to be extremely bright and durable. It has anti slip properties so it's perfect for keeping kids safe when they're running around and having fun.

Our thermoplastic markings are environmentally friendly and non toxic which is imporant for primary schools.

We can apply a coating of paint in black to cover an existing tarmac area so that the surface has a more clean and seamless appearance. We're also able to carry out repainting should the area become worn out.

However many primary schools choose to have a bright colour applied as a background for the whole play area, with different coloured markings added on top.

What are Educational Play Markings?

Educational thermoplastic markings are installed on tarmac surfaces, they're also known as thermoplastic markings. There is a variety of choice to choose from to make learning fun for children.

The learning program the pupils are studying can be made fun by having the thermoplastic markings installed to meet their education program.

Our experts can provide a variety of unique services that the school can consider, as a result of our experience in playground markings.

To make certain the pupils are having a good time, we offer several playground markings that are not just educational, but are also really fun for the children.


The customer can choose from several different styles of recreational flooring designs which are suitable for different age ranges, such as; colourful characters, classic games and sports markings.

When we are implementing sports activities designs you can select from football, netball, basketballtennis or multi use games area markings, ensuring the kids enjoy playing.

This can help primary schools in Arthursdale make the most of their playground surfacing and makes it possible to begin using these areas during PE.

As we're thermoplastic playground markings professionals, we can carry out renovation work for current linemarkings that could have grown worn out or dull after a while. 

Primary School Thermoplastics Installations Near Me

The thermoplastic markings that we can apply are made from thermoplastic shapes that are put down on a chosen location and heated up until eventually they soften and stick to the macadam flooring.

You can pick from a variety of different colour choices, patterns and requirements for your graphics.

We're able to paint the tarmacadam surface just before we apply the play surface graphics, which makes the playground look fresh, because it should be substantially brighter.

Educational Outdoor Learning in Arthursdale

Playground marking installation is extremely prominent in educational organisations, daycare centres and recreational areas across the UK.

These playgrounds are often used for outdoor learning as the educational graphics allow kids to enjoy maths games, world geography, phonics and many more activities.

Educational playground markings tend to be a popular option, we can install snakes and ladders, hopscotch and number games; these can help the children learn skills by getting involved in energetic play.

Local people could be brought together through these different types of play surface designs, while at the same time helping youngsters to become far more active.

Our friendly team can also work with the kids' nationwide educational programme to create the thermoplastic playground markings.

This element helps to improve the school’s inspection review and scores, as these style of markings can offer the potential for kids to learn skills more effectively.

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Thermoplastic playground designs are long-lasting and sturdy; the can be installed fairly quickly without the need of producing a great deal of disturbance on the nursery.

Any markings presently on the surface could be repaired or cleansed by our own specialist installers to keep them in top condition.

On top of that, we will offer removing of outdated markings which have got exhausted on account of time and these may be upgraded with a completely new layout.


If you don’t require the existing graphics to get replaced, we offer a relining solution which can boost your existing graphics and improve the overall appearance of your recreational surface.

We are able to carry out primary school playground painting in Arthursdale LS15 4 so please get in touch with us through the contact form to receive a quote today.

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