School Wall Graphics in Acres Nook

School Wall Graphics in Acres Nook

Wall mounted games equipment can be installed to your play area so that the children can enjoy a range of activities during lessons and play times.

Outdoor Play Panels in Acres Nook

Outdoor Play Panels in Acres Nook

Colourful play panels allow kids to enjoy various games and role play activities, meaning they can be imaginative and spend time playing with others.

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School Wall Graphics in Acres Nook

Our company can supply and install a variety of different school wall graphics in Acres Nook ST7 4 to increase the number of activities available for outdoor play.

Our interactive play panels allow young people to play with others as well as independently.

A lot of the school wall graphics which we can install are educational; this allows the children to learn whilst they are playing.

There are a number of different colours available for you to choose from to allow you to match existing equipment and graphics which you may already have installed in the school playground. 


Our wall panels can improve a selction of skills and abilities for young people near me, which is why they are great to have installed in schools and nurseries.

You may find the HDPE play panels in children's crèche areas as well as outdoor play-spaces.

If you're interested to know more about the wall graphics which we are able to install, please fill in the enquiry form provided on this page.

Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you as soon as possible with more information on the panels and the cost to install them. 

Children's Wall Targets

We can install children's wall targets to further improve kids' skills. Throwing and coordination skills are challenged when children make use of targets.

We install children's wall targets to meet your individual needs and can alter our specifications accordingly. The targets could be applied in a range of colours and sizes.

If you have a smaller budget available, we would recommend having a small target installed. This will allow for children at your school to learn new skills and take part in activities where teamwork is required.

What is a HDPE Play Panel?

A HDPE play panel is a type of activity game which can be installed on walls.

The high density polyethylene panels are generally installed in school playgrounds to increase the number of children taking part in educational activities.

HDPE play panels offer new opportunities to children, as they encourage imaginative play. You may find popular games included on the activity panels such as nought and crosses, snakes and ladders, mazes and clocks.

These allow children to play both independently and together which help improve a variety of abilities including communication skills. HDPE is fairly low-cost making the activity panels great value for money.

For more information on what we can offer, please have a look at this page

They are also durable and water resistant; this means that the activity graphics can be fit in outdoor playgrounds, which help to improve the activities available during playtime.

HDPE play panels require very little maintenance, however we would recommend cleaning the graphics regularly to keep them in top condition. 

Wall Games for Schools Near Me

Our wall games for local schools in Acres Nook ST7 4 are designed to encourage children to play both independently and with each other to develop new skills and learn whilst playing.

There are many games which we have available for children of all ages. Some of the classic games which are included on our wall graphics are chess, draughts, snakes and ladders, along with connect four.

These types of games can improve children's logic and communication skills. We have different game ranges - some are more appropriate for children at the Early Years Foundation Stage, whereas others are better for KS1 and KS2.

For details on KS2 markings please click here

Let us know the age range of the children using the activity graphics, we offer you advice on which graphics we think would be best for your school to buy. 

The wall games we provide for nearby schools and their surrounding areas closest to you, get children thinking which is a vital part of early stages of their lives.

We discuss the benefits of each activity panel we install, so if you have any questions or queries make sure to fill out the contact box provided. 

Wall Activity Panels in Acres Nook

There is a large selection of role play panels and fence mounted games that we supply and install. Each of our school wall graphics encourages children to develop their skills both mentally and socially.

We can supply the graphics in a range of different sizes and colours to meet your individual needs and requirements.

Smaller panels are generally cheaper than the bigger ones, which makes them perfect for those who are on a tighter budget.

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