EYFS Play Area Painting in Addington

EYFS Play Area Painting in Addington

Colourful paint can be applied to Early Years play area flooring by our team to transform the area into an exciting outdoor learning space.

Early Years Playground in Addington

Early Years Playground in Addington

For children in EYFS groups, it's important to have colourful play areas where they can learn basic social skills through interacting with the different markings and games.

Nursery Play Flooring in Addington

Nursery Play Flooring in Addington

You can completely customise the look of your EYFS play area as there are lots of design options available to suit your requirements and budget.

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EYFS Play Area Painting in Addington

A popular service we offer is EYFS play area painting in Addington ME19 5 for nurseries and other children's centres.

This is done to add brightly coloured designs to tarmac surfaces, as well as creating anti slip qualities for safety.

There are lots of graphics which are perfect for young children to encourage their early development and cognitive skills and the paint we use highly durable!


Please feel free to contact us today if you'd like a quote for playground painting at your EYFS facility.

You can choose from lots of different colours to make a design which suits your budget and the games you would like.

Costs can vary depending on the specification you're looking for but we'll provide you all the information you need on this.

Early Years Playground Specialists Near Me

Our professionals can offer a range of distinct services that the client can choose from, thanks to our experience within EYFS play area painting.

To make absolutely sure the youngsters are having fun we provide you with a number of Early Years Foundation Stage play area markings in Addington ME19 5 which are not just useful but also entertaining for the children.

The various types of markings we can implement with the EYFS play area painting may include classic games, maths grids, sporting activity line markings and interactive characters in various colours and shapes.

When using sports designs the individual can select from soccer, tennis, netball, basketball or dual purpose lines, ensuring that the kids love playing.

For more information on sports markings like tennis, please visit this page https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/sport/tennis/kent/addington/

Coloured paint with anti slip qualities can be sprayed onto sports areas to give the best safety characteristics. These types of sports designs let primary schools near me to take advantage of the all purpose area, meaning the surface could be helpful for physical education lessons.

Our playground surfacing specialists can also improve pre-existing graphics that have dwindled and got worn over time; boosting the playground aesthetically for you and the youngsters.

What are EYFS Outdoor Play Markings?

EYFS outdoor play markings are a thermoplastic design which is installed onto a tarmac surface to improve the appearnace and also to help children learn more about their educational program.

These designs make learning fun for children as they are able to learn whilst doing an activity.

As well as painting the whole tarmac surface, we are also able to add different designs using coloured lines and shapes.

These EYFS outdoor play markings are made from a type of thermoplastic; they are usually installed onto a tarmac surface through heating the images and sticking them to the flooring.

All our markings are great for children's creches. For details on creche markings click here https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/customer/creche/kent/addington/

All of the markings are available in a number of diverse colourings, shapes and requirements which will accommodate precisely what the customer needs.

We can colour the asphalt playground before applying the playarea graphics if necessary, this makes it resemble a totally new surface since it shall be considerably better and will also ensure the designs are noticable.

A lot of schools, day care centres and leisure areas in the UK have play-ground graphics installed around the tarmac flooring.

Children's Play Flooring Designs in Addington

Instructional designs can include snakes and ladders, hopscotches and number tracks; this is because they have numbers on hence the youngsters should be learning in the game.

For more details on hopscotch markings please visit this page https://www.schoolplaygroundpainting.co.uk/graphics/hopscotch/kent/addington/

These sorts of play-area designs could actually help bring the community alongside one another and also encourage youngsters to become much more physically active and have fun through learning.

The designs we have available can be created in order to suit countrywide subject suggestions and activities.

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Early Years Foundation Stage thermoplastic graphic designs are long-lasting and durable; they will also be installed quickly with no need of causing a large amount of interference on the flooring.

Our nearby specialists can carry out servicing and maintenance to the surrounding areas easily and quickly for current graphics. We are able to also clear away unwanted designs, when they have become damaged, and substitute them with a fully unique pattern.

In the event you don’t really want the old graphics to be replaced, we provide you with a reapplication solution which will transform your old graphics and strengthen the look of the local facility closest to you.

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